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31 Mar, 2009

Credit / Debit Card Fraud reporting contact list

Useful contacts



Report:                                                          If fraud is credit/debit card, please call your bank in the first instance.


Report scams and frauds:             


08454-04-05-06 (from 8am – 6.30pm, Mon. to Fri., 9am – 1pm Sat., excluding bank holidays and public holidays.)

Welsh-speaking people:





Anonymously - Crimestoppers:             0800-555 111



Credit/debit card fraud                              Call the card issuer first, they may advise you to also call the police



Scam banking e-mails                    



Prevention information


 Financial Services Authority        



Debit and credit cards protection info



On line fraud prevention                



Identity Theft prevention info         or



Share scams prevention info        



Shop safe online                              


Retailer information on card fraud:

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