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Business Mentoring - Training and Competence

You're the owner manager of your business and you want to move things forward. Who do you turn to for the widest possible range of available options?

Meet your critical friend, the Devil's Advocate - otherwise known as the Compliant Solutions Ltd business mentoring team. Inspirational at key moments, always challenging and supportive - and, crucially, at all times independent - we will visit you on a quarterly basis as well as maintaining ongoing email and telephony back-up.

We will provide you with up-to-the-minute briefings on all relevant regulatory and business developments and we will include assistance with Training and Competence.

Time being money, it follows that if you're wasting one you're losing the other. The objective of our training strategy is therefore to eliminate inessentials and to focus, in a way that is particular to your situation, on key development areas. The targets are to identify new markets, to optimise business production and to make money.

Compliant Solutions Ltd takes pride in its portfolio of training programmes that include one-to-one personal development and coaching for recent appointees performing key roles:

  • Compliance Manager/Officer
  • Training and Competence Manager
  • Money Laundering Prevention Officer
  • Data Protection Officer

All our coaching includes practical advice on achieving and maintaining compliance.

Though you could just leave it all to chance, of course...

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