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As an FCA regulated company you are subject to specific reporting requirements and the need to make specific returns. The burden is demanding, and for many of you the twice yearly RegData is the major problem, even when your internal accounting systems are sound.

There are particular features of the RegData process that make external guidance by Compliant Solutions Ltd such a favoured option for our clients:

  • The importance in Firms Online advice of the distinctively individual circumstances of your business - something which our advisers possess the competence and flexibility to assess
  • The advisability of collating RegData data throughout the year, with a prompt start and a timely final submission twice in the year
  • The need to have in place systems allowing solvency to be demonstrated on an ongoing basis
  • The need in general to keep abreast of changes to regulations and exemptions, for example the changes to PII reporting requirements recently introduced.

But remember - not even Compliant Solutions Ltd can relieve your internal senior management of full sign-off responsibility for all sections of the RegData.

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