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07 Jan, 2009

FSA Fee Blocks

A.1 Deposit acceptors.

A.2 Home finance providers and administrators.

A.3 Insurers – general.

A.4 Insurers – life.

A.5 Managing agents at Lloyd’s.

A.6 The Society of Lloyd’s.

A.7 Fund managers.

A.8 No longer used.

A.9 Operators, Trustees and Depositaries of collective investment schemes and Operators of personal pension schemes or stakeholder pension schemes.

A.10 Firms dealing as principal.

A.11 No longer used.

A.12 Advisory arrangers, dealers or brokers (holding or controlling client money or assets, or both.

A.13 Advisory arrangers, dealers or brokers (not holding or controlling client money or assets, or both).

A.14 Corporate finance advisors.

A.15 No longer used.

A.16 Pensions review levy firms (Financial Services Compensation Scheme levis only).

A.17 No longer used.

A.18 Home finance providers, advisers and arrangers.

A.19 General insurance mediation.

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