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18 Aug, 2011

Changes to Application Forms

The FSA application packs have been updated, the forms that have been changed are:

           Core details and appendices.

           Supplement for Investments, Mortgages and non-investment insurance contracts              and also Connected Travel Insurance.

           Supplement for Securities and Futures Firms (complex) and (non-complex).

           Supplement for Investment Management Firms.

           Supplement for Advisers and Arrangers.

           Relevant checklists and declarations.

The changes include corrections to dates, legislation and handbook references, improving consistency throughout the application forms, removing questions that were no longer relevant and adding further questions reflecting the FSA’s more intrusive approach and general developments in the marketplace e.g. TCF, Non advised sales, UCIS, Platforms, Mortgages, PPI.

The FSA is continuing to work on updating and revising the remaining less frequently used supplements.

The FSA is now asking applicant firms to complete the IT self-assessment questionnaire which is displayed on the completed “build your own application” page of the FSA website.  When completed the form indicates whether the applicant firm needs to complete a Complex IT form.  The applicant firm is required to include this completed form in its application pack.  

The FSA will continue to accept old versions of the packs until the end of December 2011 but applicant firms should expect to be asked those new/additional questions in the revised packs by case officers.

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